Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday: Tote This!


N mug[4]

Yes, I did take a few days off for my birthday..Yeah! and I had a lovely birthday I might add thanks to my loving family. Now on to Tea Time Tuesday's . I am in love with this canvas tote from Thursday Friday  it's a lightweight canvas tote emblazoned with an image of the Hermes Birkin from every angle (the bottom even has little studded feet printed on!) and are in such high demand that there's been a three month wait list but the great thing about these totes are the price $35  unlike the $5,000 price tag on the Birkin. This is a great way to maximize your style while toting your items with style. This bag is extraordinary and I'm waiting for my order to arrive, but until it arrives check out this plastic tote I purchased in Ross  the other day(gotta love Ross) it's a green purse printed on the front and a yellow purse printed on the back and it was only $2.99 tell me ladies what do you think about these totes, ordinary of extraordinary? I want to know.

                     Thursday Friday Canvas bag $35                                                       Ross find $2.99

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