Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Friday: Yeeeah ipad 2 is here!


Happy Friday ! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself and why all the fuss, I'm glad you asked I have been waiting for Apple's release  of the ipad 2 for months, I have talked about it to everyone and anyone with ears. My husband is to the point if anyone starts to say something and it seems as if it starts with and I, he starts shaking and breaking out in sweats that's just how much I've been talking about it. Today at 5 pm the ipad 2 goes on sale I could not be happier and my husband can't either. I may just wait until next week when all of the apple junkies have fed their obsession before the hubs and I venture out for mine. I don't know what this obsession I seem to be having with Gucci lately  but their  ipad case is the Hot! I have to have this case  simply because I think it's extraordinary. Have a great weekend see ya Monday!



I want one of those little gadgets and I want that Gucci case for it too! I hope it is everything you hope it will be!! ;-)

Natashia said...

@REZ I've been waiting forever it seems can't wait to get one in my hands.



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