Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bad Weather, really bad!

Hey just wanted to post a quick little note to let you guys know what's up, Central Florida is having severe weather warnings and today we have been issued a Tornado watch, limbs are down some people have lost the roofs from their homes it's pretty bad so keep us in your prayers btw I have to do a post on the weirdest place you've ever posted to your blog because using a customers laptop at your local 7-11 has to be one of the weirdest, thanks Peter so you know how much I love you guys Just like the mail man no rain, no sleet, nor snow will stop this blogger. See ya later if the weather permits.


Minister of Style said...

Praying NOW! Now you are scaring me, do I need to stay in NJ?

Natashia said...

@Minister of style absolutly not, come on down to Flordia you'll like it here oh wait, thats California's slogan lol!!!



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