Monday, March 7, 2011

My, My Monday's


My how the weekend flew by, hope everyone had a great weekend mine was quite relaxing. I'm trying very hard to tell myself I love Monday's, say it til you believe it...yeah right. I did not get out this weekend at all to do any shopping except for Macy's online but I did take the time to look through a few magazines I bought weeks ago but never had a chance to look through (don't you hate that) when I came across this heart stoppers from Joe's Jeans, these waxed leather wedges make me drool! can't you  just picture these paired with a pair of  denim capri's   with a cute spring top, these are definitely being added to my spring shopping list their just to0 Haute! Well that's all on my plate for today ready to tackle this Monday. What do you think about these extraordinary shoes.




1 comment:

Minister of Style said...

I'm loving your sign it is not an option! Love those wedges but me and wedges don't exactly see eye to eye for some reason. We gonna have to come to a compromise cause there are some cute wedges coming in Spring.



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