Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday: Apple, Really?!!

I am sorry guys I was so distraught I was unable to post on yesterday, I Hope everyone had a great weekend mine was stressful and let me tell you why, how about Apple had my husband and I running all over the city of Orlando trying to find that darn iPad 2 that I have been waiting for since last year. We searched everywhere Apple stores, Wal Mart, Target, Best Buy you name it, not only did we search I called every store in Florida and no iPad 2 yet. My husband did get me the first generation which was nice but I wanted the 2 so I have yet to open this one and 15 days to locate the iPad 2 before I'm stuck with the first one for good so Thanks Apple! and yes the search continues. What's your take on the iPad ? I want to know and yes my name is Natashia an I'm a Appleholic. Have a great day!



I am so sorry sweetie...I know how much you wanted your Ipad 2! I am sure one will come up. You have so many peeps on the blog circuit. I am in Dallas and would be happy to call around for you. If I find one I can email you with that store info and maybe you can do the transaction over the phone.

Minister of Style said...

It's ok, I am a tech junkie so we can be friends, LOL. Did you finally bust out that Macbook? I hope you find that ipad2 before the deadline.



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