Thursday, June 9, 2011

This calls for celebration and cake!

This month is full of events  Monday was my 19th wedding anniversary, yesterday our baby girl Leah graduated from pre school and today is my husband Tony's birthday, so my week to say the least has been busy. I am so proud of our daughter Leah who is a self proclaimed Superstar she was awarded the best reader award on yesterday and we are super proud of her. I hardly ever discuss my family  in my blog but with this weeks events I decided why not, take a look at my little graduate Leah, today pre school tomorrow Harvard lol! now I'm off to plan tonights get together and to order Anniversary/Graduation/Birthday cake
that I should have ordered days ago oops!

Lil Graduate Leah
Father (Tony) and Daughter (Leah)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday: Happy Anniversary

Hi guys hope everyone had a great weekend I most certainly did. I am happy to announce that on yesterday the hubs and I have been married for 19 years woo hoo!! and we are still on our honeymoon lol! I have been blessed with not only a great husband, but also a best friend and today's post is in honor of our lives together and besides I am too tired from yesterday to post any more lol!! yall will figure that out later!!!


                                                                                   Me and the hubs aka: Tony

Friday, June 3, 2011

Spectacular Specks

Hallelujah it's Friday, yes I know we had a 3 day weekend last week but I'm still glad it's Friday. I live for the weekend, and this weekend I have no plans except  for staying in bed with my Kindle and ipad while my hubs brings me green tea, to bad he doesn't no this yet lol! I like most girls love accessories and one of my favorite accessories I turn to when I want to immediately change my look is eye wear I have tons of eyeglasses and can never get enough they give you instant attitude and style I like to try on various styles and frame sizes until I find the perfect pair are just a few of the many frames I own will have to post soon with a compete head to toe look but for now peep these pun intended.
Have a spectacular weekend, I know that was lame couldn't help myself lol! See ya Monday.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thrift Thursday:Flowers and Chains

It's Thursday yeah! one day away from the weekend and even though we had a short week I'm ready for the weekend.  I really love to thrift I'm amazed sometimes at the things I find like this top for instance, I picked it up at one of the local thrift stores and even though it may appear  to be a recent/newer top  it's actually vintage and a one piece that looks like two pieces, I was extremely happy when I found it and it's great condition, whoever owned it obviously didn't  wear it much and that works just fine with me. If you've never tried a thrift store check it out, you may be surprised at what you find.

   Top Vintage Thrift Store - Skirt (Wal-Mart 07-08) Shoes Jessica Simpson (Macys)Watch Fossil Yellow ring     Kenneth Cole



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