Friday, June 3, 2011

Spectacular Specks

Hallelujah it's Friday, yes I know we had a 3 day weekend last week but I'm still glad it's Friday. I live for the weekend, and this weekend I have no plans except  for staying in bed with my Kindle and ipad while my hubs brings me green tea, to bad he doesn't no this yet lol! I like most girls love accessories and one of my favorite accessories I turn to when I want to immediately change my look is eye wear I have tons of eyeglasses and can never get enough they give you instant attitude and style I like to try on various styles and frame sizes until I find the perfect pair are just a few of the many frames I own will have to post soon with a compete head to toe look but for now peep these pun intended.
Have a spectacular weekend, I know that was lame couldn't help myself lol! See ya Monday.


1 comment:

Minister of Style said...

Love glasses, they really do change your look quickly and with real impact. I happen to need them for real so I should invest in a nice pair (I guess I need to make an appointment for a pair)



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