Thursday, June 9, 2011

This calls for celebration and cake!

This month is full of events  Monday was my 19th wedding anniversary, yesterday our baby girl Leah graduated from pre school and today is my husband Tony's birthday, so my week to say the least has been busy. I am so proud of our daughter Leah who is a self proclaimed Superstar she was awarded the best reader award on yesterday and we are super proud of her. I hardly ever discuss my family  in my blog but with this weeks events I decided why not, take a look at my little graduate Leah, today pre school tomorrow Harvard lol! now I'm off to plan tonights get together and to order Anniversary/Graduation/Birthday cake
that I should have ordered days ago oops!

Lil Graduate Leah
Father (Tony) and Daughter (Leah)


Ellinor Forje said...

I'm heading over to the Sweet Monday post. Love your header. Thanks for sharing and feel free to drop by me too, soon.


Shulamit said...

good luck lady. i am on that journey as well

Nothing Ordinary Style said...

Thanks Shulamit, we can do it!



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