Friday, July 30, 2010

Friend Friday: Jealousy


TGIF! Friend Friday is at it again with another great topic, and this week is know different Katy of Modly Chic has sent out another great round of questions and this week it's Jealousy, you know that Green -eyed monster we've all had our run in's with, tell me how do you deal with Jealousy?

1. How do you define jealousy?

When you desire something that belongs to someone else e.g relationships, career, talents etc.. anything someone else has that you wish were yours /or belonged to you.

2. When do you find you experience a bit of blogger jealousy?

 When fellow bloggers receive free products and items to review. Just a little bit, but in a good way *smile*

3. What types of blogs or which bloggers are you a little jealous of.
    None really, I am happy when I see fellow bloggers do well there is enough to go around for everyone.

4. From the time we're little we are taught that jealousy is a bad thing, but it can also inspire us to be better. Have you changed the way you do things, the content of your blog, etc... as a result of what someone else is doing?

photo:google images
 I think competitive jealousy is good to some degree, it keeps you on your toes and challenges you to continue improving on yourself and your craft, it also stretches you to dig deeper, as a results of other blogs I started incorporating themes to different days such as Tried and True Tuesdays, Friend Friday etc. it's actually something I've always wanted to try and by seeing others do it very well it inspired me to give it a try.
5. What is the best way to overcome jealousy in the blogosphere and in life?

Just be you, the thing that makes your blog unique and special is what you add to it. You are the IT factor that separates your blog from everyone else’s so kick that green eyed monster to the curb and BE YOU!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh, how I love a cute bag!

Okay ladies lets face it, we all love a nice new handbag the smell of fresh leather, a nicely lined interior, deep pockets to hold our possessions and a beautifully embellished exterior with just the right bells and whistle ... like zippers, studs, rhinestones you know whatever you like and when you find it, you know it's the right bag  and wearing it always makes you happy, I mean really happy and my latest bag purchase truly makes me happy its from Nicole Lee and can be found in exclusive stores such as Nordstrom BP, Arden B., Windsor, Stein Mart, Cache, and thousands of fine boutique shops throughout the state and abroad and retails from around $50-$120. A great bag with enough room to hold just about anything with a lot of style to boot. I love this bag and it's my latest fashion find. What's your latest find?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friend Friday: Fitness

   Katy of ModlyChic has fitness in mind for this week Friend Friday questions, What's your take on fitness?

1. When you hear the word Fitness what do you think?     

When I hear the word fitness immediately I think of a gym crammed full of people sweating their butts off with head bands like in Olivia Newton John's video "Let's get physical" (I know too much info) but my thoughts of fitness have evolved now I think fitness is a lifestyle the way an individual takes care of themselves for not only vanity reasons but also for better health.

2. Do you have a workout routine? What's your favorite way to workout?

Now to be brutally honest I have not been on my workout game lately as I should and I won't even use being busy to justify myself but do to this post I'm now back on board (thanks Katy!) my favorite work out is for cardio the elliptical machine for about 30- 45 min. followed by free weights /weight machines

3. To you, what is the purpose of exercise?

Health first, vanity second but I definitely need to work on staying consistent.

4. Do you think it is possible to be feminine and still workout?

Sure, there is so much great workout gear available in great styles to accommodate every shape and size to make you feel pulled together and girly while you workout.

5. What do you think about the people who are workout obsessed? (You know those women and the gym that spend 4 hours working out and have more muscles than some men.)

I think if fitness is your passion and making your body look and feel the way you want, good for you we all have our passions and different things that drive us and bring us fulfillment so if working out is your thing just like Nike say’s Just Do it!

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Friend Friday: Mix and Match

It's Friday and once again it's Friend Friday time created by Katy of Modlychic for fellow bloggers to share and network and this weeks questions are about the wardrobe and how to mix and match from what you have.
1. What's your most versatile piece of clothing?
My short sleeved shift dresses I have several in different colors. How do you wear it? I pair them with jackets, scarves, blazers and different accessories.
2. What one piece should every woman own? A great denim Jacket this may sound crazy but a cute denim jacket can add wonders to any wardrobe it immediately adds chic in my opinion, I own several in all shades from dark blue denim to stressed and faded, I wear them year round paired with dresses or with a long layered skirt and crisp tee and lace up sandals I simply add a broach. Or huge flower pin or anything I can attach to punch it up.denim jacket2
3. What Summer trends do you love because of their versatility? Colorful sundresses and the gladiator inspired flats/sandals I'm really into the long summer sundresses especially strapless ones with the strapless I can play with so many different accessories from my small delicate tiffany pieces to my big bold bib necklaces and chunkier pieces,I can dress them up or down I have variety which works best for me because I'm constantly changing my style.

4. What's the most creative combination you've put together from your closet? My husband and I went to St. Louis last year on a mini vacation and I packed a few items short so I was forced to pull something together from what I had for our last night out. I had a black pair of wide leg Jersey knit pants and a black knee length jersey knit dress (had no idea I would be wearing them together)with flared sleeves I topped it with vintage inspired gold and bronze colored jewelry and matte bronze Nicole shoes, my husband wanted to know when did I get the outfit, little did he know it was a last minute hookup that totally worked And I was complimented by everyone the entire night. Hands down this was my most creative last minute outfit to date.

5. If you had the guts you'd what items would you pair and then wear out in public? I have this very colorful night gown that I would love to wear as a shirt dress under a cute blazer it's made out stretch jersey fabric on a black back ground with bold colors I love it because it's bold and bright I can see it paired with wedges and my mid sleeve black jacket for a cute little outfit.
What is you favorite mix and match outfit?, get in your closet and as Tim Gunn would say "Make it Work"
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Go Ahead, Card Me!

I am in love if you haven't guessed by now with anything that's unusual, sparkly and bold, I can't help it that's  just me. Lately I've been obsessed with business card and ID holders so much to the point I had to catch myself when I noticed someone in the grocery store with one the other day. The items we carry with us everyday say a lot about our taste and personal style so I thought I would post a few card holders that I find a bit extraordinary. By the way the pink and silver sequined one .... it's mine. I told ya I love the sparkly bold stuff. Check these out and choose a card holder that expresses your style.

1. Tory Burch (large photo)
2. (green ostrich skin)
3.  rue21 (animal print & pink silver sequin)
4. (silver w/dots & 1950's ladies)

What do you carry your id and business cards in ? I would love to hear from you

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

YES! Walmart

I'm baaaaaaaaaack after being off for a week, It's amazing how fast time goes by, but nevertheless I have two great finds I can't wait to share and Yes, I found them at Walmart. Now I know a lot of people when they think of Walmart they think of long lines and crowds but I'm here to tell you if you don't mind searching around a little bit you can find some really great accessories that really hit the mark. I found these strand bead necklaces at my local Walmart and I was so impressed I sent my husband back to snag the last one. They are layered beaded necklaces that retailed for $10 but were on sale for $7, I chose the Turquoise and a kind of Banana yellow, they had a Tangerine orange necklace also but by the time my husband got back of course it was gone, but I still nailed two so I'm very pleased. They can be worn with a simple  t-shirt and jeans, a great shift dress or tailored suit, and when paired together with the right shoes you have a stylish look pulled together with a great accessory. So the next time you're in Walmart leave the houseware department and venture on over to accessories you may just find a stylish surprise.
                                                                        Walmart>Layered beaded necklace $7.00 each on sale

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

It's Independence day and  this year I will be kicking back celebrating with family, a few good movies  and you know bar b que will be involved, yummy! Hope you all have a safe and Happy 4th of July with tons of fireworks.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Fashion Find Friday

OMG, was all I could say when my friend Melissa showed me her new bracelet, I hope these photos does it justice. It's a massive silver bracelet with huge flowers with silver sprays shooting from each flower, paired  with jeans, wedges and a cute tee just perfect for a weekend outing or It could also be worn with a long summer dress and sandals the perfect accessory. However you choose to wear this bracelet it certainly can't be missed and is anything but ordinary.

                                      Bracelet by Natasha Bracelet by Natasha 1

                                                                                                  TJ Maxx - $25.99

                                                                                                     Brand - Natasha

Friend Friday: Me Narcissistic?

I'm sure your scratching your head at this weeks Friend Friday topic, as you know Katy of Modly Chic poses questions for fellow bloggers to post about themselves every Friday and this weeks questions are quiet interesting and I must say they made me think long and hard as to why I really blog.
Narcissist - is commonly referred to a person who has an intense self-love for themselves or their image.
Narcissism is not to be confused with confidence or self- assurance, but is instead a more negative term that suggests an excessive or conceited admiration for oneself, to the point of preoccupation and lack of empathy for other people.    
  Definition source -
Cartoon courtesy of
1. Do you think personal fashion blogging is inherently narcissistic?
It depends, however I do feel that there is a thin line between passion and obsession and the individual ,the blogger is the only one who can truly determine what is driving their passion. For me I personally have always been into fashion, the latest trends, beauty products anything stylish (or what I consider stylish) I blog because I love these things, I don't profess to be an expert but like what I like and I enjoy sharing with others what I love in hopes it will inspire and motivate them to try different things to enhance who they are not change  who they are.

2. I think we can all agree, that certainly some blogs are personal odes to the blogger. In your opinion what makes a blog narcissistic.
When it promotes one sided views of what beauty and style is and what I mean by this is when it states you can only be fashionable if you wear only high end designer labels, or weigh a certain weight, or shop in certain stores, you get my drift. Beauty comes in a vast array of shapes and sizes and who said your were fashionable just because you spent hundreds or even thousand of dollars on an outfit or products. One way to test this out is simple, for me when I go to certain blogs and read them I feel excited and inspired. I look forward to reading them and viewing what they've posted, if after viewing a blog you feel insecure or inadequate then maybe that's not a blog for you and usually you can tell it's something in you that says I want visit this blog again.

3. Would you classify your blog as narcissistic? Why?
No, my purpose for blogging  is not solely to share my opinions on fashion and style but also to inspire and motivate others to try new things and to make them aware of what is current and available. I do not blog with the intentions of making others feel inferior but hope when my post are read people are  inspired to maybe try a new look or product they would maybe otherwise dismiss or be afraid to try.                                                                                          

4. How can we combat the idea that because we share personal style thoughts/pictures we are automatically full of ourselves?
  We do this by being true to ourselves and our readers they can pick up who we are if they follow our blogs long enough. Just be who you are and keep it real.

5. How do you explain what you do to others in a way that doesn't come across as narcissistic?
Easy, I tell them I write about what I love fashion and style and they are usually not surprised.

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