Friday, July 16, 2010

Go Ahead, Card Me!

I am in love if you haven't guessed by now with anything that's unusual, sparkly and bold, I can't help it that's  just me. Lately I've been obsessed with business card and ID holders so much to the point I had to catch myself when I noticed someone in the grocery store with one the other day. The items we carry with us everyday say a lot about our taste and personal style so I thought I would post a few card holders that I find a bit extraordinary. By the way the pink and silver sequined one .... it's mine. I told ya I love the sparkly bold stuff. Check these out and choose a card holder that expresses your style.

1. Tory Burch (large photo)
2. (green ostrich skin)
3.  rue21 (animal print & pink silver sequin)
4. (silver w/dots & 1950's ladies)

What do you carry your id and business cards in ? I would love to hear from you

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