Friday, July 2, 2010

Friend Friday: Me Narcissistic?

I'm sure your scratching your head at this weeks Friend Friday topic, as you know Katy of Modly Chic poses questions for fellow bloggers to post about themselves every Friday and this weeks questions are quiet interesting and I must say they made me think long and hard as to why I really blog.
Narcissist - is commonly referred to a person who has an intense self-love for themselves or their image.
Narcissism is not to be confused with confidence or self- assurance, but is instead a more negative term that suggests an excessive or conceited admiration for oneself, to the point of preoccupation and lack of empathy for other people.    
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1. Do you think personal fashion blogging is inherently narcissistic?
It depends, however I do feel that there is a thin line between passion and obsession and the individual ,the blogger is the only one who can truly determine what is driving their passion. For me I personally have always been into fashion, the latest trends, beauty products anything stylish (or what I consider stylish) I blog because I love these things, I don't profess to be an expert but like what I like and I enjoy sharing with others what I love in hopes it will inspire and motivate them to try different things to enhance who they are not change  who they are.

2. I think we can all agree, that certainly some blogs are personal odes to the blogger. In your opinion what makes a blog narcissistic.
When it promotes one sided views of what beauty and style is and what I mean by this is when it states you can only be fashionable if you wear only high end designer labels, or weigh a certain weight, or shop in certain stores, you get my drift. Beauty comes in a vast array of shapes and sizes and who said your were fashionable just because you spent hundreds or even thousand of dollars on an outfit or products. One way to test this out is simple, for me when I go to certain blogs and read them I feel excited and inspired. I look forward to reading them and viewing what they've posted, if after viewing a blog you feel insecure or inadequate then maybe that's not a blog for you and usually you can tell it's something in you that says I want visit this blog again.

3. Would you classify your blog as narcissistic? Why?
No, my purpose for blogging  is not solely to share my opinions on fashion and style but also to inspire and motivate others to try new things and to make them aware of what is current and available. I do not blog with the intentions of making others feel inferior but hope when my post are read people are  inspired to maybe try a new look or product they would maybe otherwise dismiss or be afraid to try.                                                                                          

4. How can we combat the idea that because we share personal style thoughts/pictures we are automatically full of ourselves?
  We do this by being true to ourselves and our readers they can pick up who we are if they follow our blogs long enough. Just be who you are and keep it real.

5. How do you explain what you do to others in a way that doesn't come across as narcissistic?
Easy, I tell them I write about what I love fashion and style and they are usually not surprised.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your answer to question 2 and would like to add that I think blogs that reiterate ideas about style and beauty that are already being transmitted by other sections of the media are pointless... what makes fashion and beauty blogs important and relevant is that they disperse new points of view and cater to wider audiences

p.s love the cartoon



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