Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wish List!

In case you don't know let me let you in on a little secret, I love shiny, sparkly, the bigger the better, in your face type of things and on the rare occasion I come across something like this all rapped up into one package, you guessed it , I GO CRAZY so consider me officially Koo-Koo. I just recently got a Mac Book (haven't used it yet) but anyway I was surfing the web for cell phone covers for my Blackberry when I came across this gorgeous piece of art that's anything but ordinary, and you know I fell deeply in love. It's made by this company called Icy Couture and they cover just about anything in Swarovski Crystals and lap top cases are certainly no exception, they will customize them for you, any way you want it.  Please feast your eyes on this crystal-laptop-case(1), I want this item which by the way retails for $1200.00 so bad, it would really do my Mac Book proud.
Also everyone who knows me and I'm sure they are tired of hearing it by now, knows how much I want an Ipad and no Ipad would be complete without one of these Haute covers by Let's Crystal It  it takes ordinary to extraordinary for a price of $499. I know all of this sparkle may be a little much for some but for me I can't get enough.
What's on you want list ? leave a comment I would love to know.

1 comment:

rastagalnj said...

My Blackberry needs these cases! She is housed temporarily in a resin case (my bling case lost too many jewels) but she needs some sparkle.



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