Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Father's Day Delight

Father's Day is June 20th and what better way to show your father what he means to you than by giving him a gift from the heart. Now I know money may be a little tight due to the economy and other situations but I have a few ideas that just may help you out. If you ask most dads what would be the best father's day gift, they would probably say just spending time with family and friends so don't stress yourself out if you can't max out the credit card or lay a hefty gift in dads lap. It's all about honoring your father or  that special father figure in your life, so this father's day no matter what your budget give your dad a gift from the heart. Here are a few gift ideas I'm sure any dad would love.

Gift Ideas for any Dad: 1. Gift cards to a Bait & Tackle Shop (for all of those fishermen)  2. *Ipad (Apple)

3. Fahrenheit & Fahrenheit Summer Cologne (at most major dept stores)  4. A home cooked meal

5. Subscription(s) to sports magazine Sports Illustrated or ESPN 6. Burberry Tie ( or Bloomingdales, Nordstrom's, Burberry Outlets) 7. Pair of movie tickets 

*Most wanted gift list for Father's Day

Make your dad proud this Father's Day, happy shopping.

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