Friday, June 18, 2010

Friend Friday: Nails

This is my first Friend Friday post and I must say I am very excited about it, I'm sure your wondering exactly what is Friend Friday, well it was started by fellow blogger Katy Rose of Modly Chic for bloggers to share a little bit about themselves, kind of like a meet and greet for bloggers. Every week Katy will send me 5 questions and I will answer those questions and share them with you on ... of course  Friday! So cheers to my first Friend Friday let me know what you think.
  1. Do you keep nail polish on your fingers and toes year round?
Yes, I always keep my nails polished even if I try to go without nail polish I can never last   longer than a day maybe two I simply love the way it looks. I always feel pulled together when my nails and toes are polished.

                                                                                  Pure Ice in Taupe Drawer shown in photo.

      2.   What are your go-to colors for the fingers and toes?

            Borghese Nail Lacquer in Carnevale Grape, and my new love Taupe Drawer by Pure Ice it reminds
            me of  OPI's  discontinued color Affair in time Square it's a perfect summer color and just right for 
            any occasion.

         3.   Any tips for strengthening your nails?

              I keep my nails cut and trimmed to no more than maybe an half inch past the tips of my nails. I  
              like a square shaped nail with rounded corners, if I let my nails grow out they tend to break and
              peel so shorter nails keeps my nails at their strongest.

         4.   Do you have any nail rules you abide by?

           The only nail rule that I have is chipped, peeling polish once I see it starting to lift and peel it
           has to be retouched immediately, no matter how nice your rings are the chipped polish is a style 

5.  How often, if ever, do you get a manicure and/or pedicure?
            When I use to wear acrylic nails it was twice maybe three times a month but since I've been 
            wearing my nails natural  I  have a salon manicure once a month with weekly manicures at home. 
            Pedicures vary I treat myself to them more often in the summer times and I'm always at least 2
            times a week sloughing off dry skin from my heels with buffer which I always keep in the  
            shower. I love nice soft heels and my husband appreciates it too. *smile*
             If you would like to participate in Friend Friday contact  Katy @ MODLY CHIC for more details.

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