Friday, June 25, 2010

Friend Friday: Beach


TGIF baby! and I have completed my second assignment given by my new friend Katy from Modly Chic. Every Friday myself along with fellow bloggers will post various answers to topics and questions given by Katy and this Friday the questions are inspired by the beach . Feel free to leave a comment  on your beach/poolside rituals. Surfs Up!

1. You're headed to the beach/pool, what's in your bag?

Sunglasses, Blistex and my Kindle 2 reader. I’m the lady in shades when it’s cloudy out, I never leave home without them. Blistex because I tend to have dry lips when in the sun and just to kick back and relax with a good read my kindle (Wishing it were and Ipad)

2. Be honest... how do you feel about sunscreen? How often do you put it on?

I’m awful when it comes to sunscreen being a woman of color I always thought up until a year ago that sunscreen didn’t apply to me but recent studies have shown this is not true people of color should apply sunscreen when in the sun for extended hours but I still don’t do it because honestly, I run from the sun literally less is more for me *smile*

3. Do you have any sunburn remedies? None, maybe a cool compress and a large Sonic ® cherry limeade they always make me feel better on a hot summer day. (I can taste one now)

4. Do you use sunless tanning products? Which do you use, why is it your favorite?  No
5. The best part about the beach is…

Letting all of my stresses and cares go out with the tide. The great conversations I have as I sit looking out over the water with close friends and last but not least, those beach shack gift shops with their one of a kind finds and t-shirts hey, anywhere a girl can shop gotta love that.

** If you would like to participate in Friend Friday please contact  Katy of Modly Chic for more details!

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