Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Errands Anyone?

I told you, you just never know where Nothing Ordinary Style will turn up next; we are always camera ready laura1to snap the latest trends we spot out and about and today we’ve found it. Take a look at Laura's style we've coined as "Bahamian Chic" we spotted Laura who was out running errands and attending appointments when we approached  her. We were inspired by her style and her take on fashion also some of the interesting places she finds them and we know you will be too.


We chose Laura because we loved the long dress and the pattern, worn with flat sandals really help emphasize a relaxed look. Her jewelry was minimal yet sophisticated and the clean swept back hair nailed the look. We Loved It, now that's doing errands in style.

N.O.S : What is your occupation/career? Laura : Travel Industry Administrative Assistant                                                 

N.O.S : What are your hobbies?

Laura : Crafts, DIY projects, Gardening

N.O.S : What influences your style?

Laura : Other Fashionable people and price (smile), I like unique pieces that I know no one else is going to have.

  N.O.S : What is your favorite place(s) to shop?

Laura: Thrift stores, Goodwill, TJ Maxx, Ross, Payless.

Thanks Laura, keep up the great Style you're our Stylebrity of the week!

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