Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tea Time Tuesday: My First Blogger Award!!

                       kreativ_blogger_award_copy award
I am so excited to receive my very first Blogger Award. I mean as a blogger there is nothing greater than being recognized by others for your blog and especially from a fellow blogger so a great big hug and thank you to Laquisha of Corner Curl Girl please check out her blog to see her extraordinary style. Apart of the Blog Award includes answering 7 random facts about me so here goes hope you’re not too bored….Lol!!
1.) I Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and realize that without him I am NOTHING!
2.) I’m married to my best friend and we have 2 daughters and a yorkiepoo named Maicee pronounced like Macy.
3.) I think every woman should have a statement piece be it a watch, ring, eyeglasses, red lipstick etc.. Something, that when you think of her it comes to mind.
4.)I am constantly on a diet or trying to lose weight, but now realize it’s a lifestyle change and making good progress.. Thank you Jesus!!!!
5.) I have a real bad, I mean really bad jewelry addiction, Real and Costume Love the stuff my grandmother started me with it.
6.) I secretly want to be a stand up comedian… seriously.. stop laughing..really!!
7.)and last but not least I believe the moment you stop Dreaming is the moment you Die
I want to pass this award on to a few other Bloggers with extraordinary style.
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A few rules that go along with accepting this award:
1. Thank the person who awarded you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award a few of your favorite bloggers

Monday, February 27, 2012

Au Naturale: Viola Davis Style Help, Not Needed!

Okay, I know what you may be thinking...gooosh not another sistha going "Natural"  but hey, I hate to tell you it's a great thing. When I saw actress Viola Davis (The Help) had chucked her wigs for this cute natural do I was like ...Yess! and she looks great, younger, refreshed I mean, you might as well go natural if you're going to cover your own hair with a wig Right?! No I'm kidding whatever floats your boat and fits your style do it, but being a Natural girl myself I thought this was a worthy post. Do the Darn thing Viola!  and even though you didn't win the Oscar this time you are still a stylish shining star.

vd1 vd2  

So tell me what do you think Viola Natural or Wigged Out?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Style File Monday: Loving my sequins


If you've followed my blog for awhile you probably know how much I love bling and to be exact blinged out accessories. Anything sparkly and shiny makes my heart skip a beat and  these next three items certainly bring joy to my heart. It's my belief that everything we own reflects our personal taste and style,  from the shoes we wear,  the hairstyle we rock to the hand bags we tote. Whether  you're trying or not, everything expresses your style so why not express it like you mean it. Right now sequins are all the rave and since  I'm not brave enough or let's just say I have not found a sequined item of clothing I like well enough yet,  I decided to get my sequined fix with these accessories. 


                                                            Sequined Nine West Make up Bag

 sequined makeup baginside sequined makeup bag



                                                               Sequined Poppy Tote Coach

sequined coach 1 sequined coach

                                                                       Sequined Laptop Cover

laptop bag sequined  sequined laptop

Coach bag gift from the hubs, Nine West make up bag & laptop cover gift from a friend...Thanks Karen !!!

                        This is how I'm getting my sequin fix, tell me how are your styling your sequins?



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