Tuesday, July 13, 2010

YES! Walmart

I'm baaaaaaaaaack after being off for a week, It's amazing how fast time goes by, but nevertheless I have two great finds I can't wait to share and Yes, I found them at Walmart. Now I know a lot of people when they think of Walmart they think of long lines and crowds but I'm here to tell you if you don't mind searching around a little bit you can find some really great accessories that really hit the mark. I found these strand bead necklaces at my local Walmart and I was so impressed I sent my husband back to snag the last one. They are layered beaded necklaces that retailed for $10 but were on sale for $7, I chose the Turquoise and a kind of Banana yellow, they had a Tangerine orange necklace also but by the time my husband got back of course it was gone, but I still nailed two so I'm very pleased. They can be worn with a simple  t-shirt and jeans, a great shift dress or tailored suit, and when paired together with the right shoes you have a stylish look pulled together with a great accessory. So the next time you're in Walmart leave the houseware department and venture on over to accessories you may just find a stylish surprise.
                                                                        Walmart>Layered beaded necklace $7.00 each on sale

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