Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Watch out there now!

It goes without saying that I love watches I mean, I think having a nice timepiece speaks volumes about ones style , so needless to say I own several watches from all different price ranges. I choose watches based on how they look and how well they are made, and I rarely  leave home regardless of where I'm going without a watch. When I'm looking for a watch or choosing to purchase a  watch, of course a comfortable fit is high on the priority list but I did not think I would be lusting over another watch this soon. Last year I pestered my husband to the brink of death for a ceramic watch and  as always he came through with flying colors but when I ran across this watch from Tag Heuer my heart melted it's their  Formula 1 ceramic and diamond watch. I want this watch in a major way it is absolutely beautiful, BEAUTIFUL ! and it would look so lovely on my wrist, If I only had $1,500.00 to blow, because if I did this this timepiece would be well worth it. I love this watch and I would be happy to answer anyone asking, What time is it?                                                                                                                      Tag watch

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