Friday, August 20, 2010

Friend Friday: Conspicuous Consumption


Wow another Friday has rolled around and this week Katy of Modly Chic has sent out an interesting set of questions concerning conspicuous consumption you know when you  buy expensive services and products in order to flaunt your wealth here is what I had to say about that.


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1. Do you think fashion blogs are often just conspicuous consumption? Are some?

No, I don’t, I’m sure out there among the million of blogs there is a blog based solely on this but for the most part I think most fashion bloggers write about what that would normally purchase, what they desire to have or already own and that’s the beauty of the a blog being able to express your purchases, ideas, hobbies etc..with your readers.

2. As bloggers do we have the obligation to explain our personal financial status, how we pay for the things we showcase, if we have debt, etc... ?

As far as having an obligation to disclose your personal financial history that’s based on the blogger. me personally I don’t feel an obligation to discuss how I obtain the things I purchase, however I often disclose if it was a gift, a splurge purchase ect. but this information is relative for the readers in case they are interested in purchasing items posted. If I were doing a blog on finance I would give details about debt (everyone should know their spending limits)  I don't, so I feel no need to go there. I feel my readers visit my blog for inspiration and ideas and that’s what I provide.

3. Critics often say that fashion bloggers should use their money to support more worthwhile causes than clothing themselves in a different outfit daily. What's your reaction to this? (here you can reveal charities if you'd like.)

Well, you know what they say about critics (lol) I don’t give that much thought there is always going to be someone to criticize what you should be doing but the truth of the matter is most of the blogs I follow, the bloggers thrift shop (which I do as well from time to time) or simply comment on the latest fashions and designs by showing images from the web or magazines. I personally donate things to charity such as the Goodwill and to my church but I did this before I blogged. I guess the people who collect model airplanes which can be a pricey hobby) could donate that money they were saving for those new propellers to charity too, hum!  (*side eye*)

4. Since you started blogging, do you spend more money on fashion and beauty products?

No, not really a lot of the things I post are things that I just ran across while out shopping or was looking to buy anyway. I do research more before I make certain purchases now, and if it’s something I really have my eyes on I drop a lot of hints to the family especially the to the hubs or I save towards them neglecting those Starbucks chai tea’s here and there really adds up.

5. Life is about more than what money can buy. What are the things that top your list of what life is all about

My family and my faith top my list of what life is all about as long as I have these two things everything else will be just find. My family loves and supports me and my faith sustains and strengthens me so no matter what I may face or how much or little I may have I will be okay, what more could a girl ask for.

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TJWisdom said...

I agree with your great answers. I agree that it's the bloggers decision on whether or not to reveal monetary amounts about anything because that's personal.

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Nothing Ordinary Style said...

Thanks,TJWisdom this was a very interesting topic.

MJ said...

We are definitely on the same page! Great answers!

Nothing Ordinary Style said...

Thanks, MJ great minds think alike.



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