Monday, August 23, 2010

Nothing Ordinary Find

I'm at it again this time though it's a find from South Carolina, that's right no matter where I go my eyes are always open for an extraordinary find. As I stated earlier in the previous post my husband and I went out of town for a quick weekend trip to visit his family, and like every other time I go out of town I took a little  time to get out, look around and do a little shopping, you know how we do, in hopes of finding something a little different you can't find at home. As my sister in law and I ventured out we stopped by South Carolina Thrift & Resale Store in Mt. Pleasant, I love to stop into thrift stores and consignments because you can find the best hidden treasures, and right when we were about to leave guess what I spotted on the counter this cute, mint condition cigar box tote it was just sitting there I picked it up, gave it a detailed look and in the check out line I went my total cost for this extraordinary find you ready?... $1.60 ! I was ready to go home after I found the deal of the day. Shopping!.....Check ! take me home no need to look any further. Let me know what's your best out of town thrift find?


                                   1. large pic front of tote  2.back of tote  3. interior of tote  4. tote w/items inside  5. closed tote

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