Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nothing Ordinary Finds

I am thrilled as can be to share with you my latest find. I  mean this is the best find I've come across so far this summer and trust me when I tell you, I literally walked right to it. (sweeeeeeeeet) On the way back home from vacation last week we passed  a new Thrift shop. I'm sorry because I can't remember the name (forgive me) I will go back again so you will have a chance to get the name, but anyway as I was saying we were coming back home when we passed this new Thrift shop, I pleaded with my husband to stop and thank goodness he did because I walked right in to find this AWESOME! Steve Madden bag in excellent condition. It screams fun, party, summer, you name it this bag has it and to top it off , I already have countless  shoes to match this bag. It is truly at the top of my list for the best find this summer and you know I hate anything what ?.... Ordinary and this bag is definitely not Ordinary. I hope you will take the time and check out your local Thrift shops, I'm telling you, you will be amazed at what you find and Oh, I almost forgot I paid..... drum roll please $2.49! Out the door this is a older Steve Madden bag therefore I could not find it on the web however similar Steve Madden bags cost between $59- $108 Now that's a way to end a great vacation until next time make it your business to hunt for your Nothing Ordinary find.
            Lg photo: Whole purse, pic 1. side of purse, pic 2. bottom of purse, pic 3. interior inside label under zip change pocket.

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