Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday: Wipe on Wipe off!

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I am so excited about this post and to tell you the truth, I'm not so sure why I'm so excited but lets put it this way, anytime I can save money on something, I mean really and the product works, I'm happy. This product is actually something my husband put in my Christmas stocking last year and I'm so glad he did because it's one of those things you don't think you need until you have them and to your surprise they work. What is all the fuss about? you're wondering, well it's simply Makeup Remover Wipes. Now hold up, hang on to your seat they can be found.... drum roll please at the Dollar Tree that's right the Dollar Tree. They are formulated with aloe Vera & vitamins E & B5 and are alcohol free. I can not tell you how many face cloths I have destroyed and ruined taking off my makeup, but with these you simply pull one out take off your makeup and toss in the trash when done, then use your face cloth to complete (without staining and ruining your towels). They also work great to keep in the car for the kids or  when you're having lunch on the run and need to tidy up and for this price $1.00 a girl can certainly stock up and you know how we love that. So tell me what's your favorite beauty find from the Dollar Tree I'd love to know?


                          make up wipes 1

                                                              make up wipes 2


Anonymous said...

thanks nos. i read this on your blog and piced up a pack of wipes, and they are great. cleans all the makeup off with no effort. east on the face and easy on the pocket. can't beat that.

Natashia said...

Glad you gave them a try, It's great to find something that's economical and actually works.



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