Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday: My Stylish Valentine


It’s that time of year again where cupid is getting ready to shoot his arrow, and to help guide that arrow here is a little help to make sure his aim is on point. I pulled together a few goodies, so if you’re running low on ideas for that perfect someone take a look at these items that will surely get you some love *wink *wink.

What's on your Valentine gift list?

1. Tiffany love necklace   2. Chocolate covered pretzels   3. Clinique Happy Heart  4. Amazon Kindle

5. Coach men's wallet   6.Flowers   7. Ray-Ban   male aviator's     8.   Lancôme Magnifique     9. Coach Cologne


Minister of Style said...

See I'm so gift centric that when I saw these fabulous items, all I could do was think of me, me,me, LOL. Great post and I will take those Ray Bans and the chocolate covered pretzels too.

Natashia said...

@Minister of Style I know right, me too... I'll take the pretzels and the Tiffany heart pendant please. LOL



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