Friday, February 11, 2011

The baddest kicks in the teepee!

It's the weekend and I'm glad although this week really flew by to me. I have a few plans this weekend I'm attending a women's workshop on Saturday hosted by a dear friend  and I hope to score some great pictures while there so I can share with you guys next week. I have some eye candy I want to drop on you to kick start your weekend and put you in the mood for spring, when I saw these sandals I was drooling I have to own these. These lovely kicks are the Tribal Multi Wedge by Two Lips for Victoria's Secret. These shoes look more delectable than a red velvet cupcake with extra icing they have everything I love height, peacock feathers, leather tassels I'm in love. I'm starting to feel light headed now I need to lie down from all this tribal shoe madness. 


Tribal Multi Wedge[6]


                                                           How do you like these kicks, ordinary or extraordinary ?

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