Monday, February 21, 2011

My, My Monday's

My daughter of course she is the one with both hands in her mouth, tongue & elbows out..yeah that's Leah
Boy, the weekends sure seem to pass quickly and I am not a huge fan of Monday's I'm working on it but not quite there yet.  This weekend was busy my 5 yr old daughter had her first sleepover and if you can imagine five full of energy, giggling and screaming little girls I'm sure you can imagine how it went but all in all my daughter was so happy and my hubby was too, he was their entertainment *side eye* I think he had too much fun. To start the week off I wanted to show you my latest obsession this Michael Kors Hamilton Bag. Love it!  and it has made it's way on my notoriously long want list. Now tell me what do you think about this bag?


Minister of Style said...

That bag is gorgeous and so is Leah! I remember one of my daughter's first sleepover....hmm maybe let's not but it was interesting, lol.

Natashia said...

@MinisterofStyle My want list is dragging the ground,lol! and the sleepover let's just say I'm still tired.


I can't get enough of MK bags! I have 3 and just bought my sister one for her birthday!

Natashia said...

@Rez your sister is one lucky lady, I love MK.



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