Thursday, February 3, 2011

Confidence the best Accessory

michelle-obama-in-purple-682x1024   michelle_obama_0 Lately I've been noticing or so it seems woman are loosing their confidence, just the other day I was having a talk with my mom and in the undertones of her voice I heard a bit of uncertainty, a bit of doubt as to some things she had on her list to do, another instance was a friend who is constantly selling herself short. This sparked me to thinking, to dig deeper today than usual and post something to inspire, encourage and uplift. It is so easy to get caught up in our day to day lives with, meetings, schedules, shopping, errands you name it, until we put ourselves on the back burner not intentionally I might add, but because we will get to us later and this can at times effect our style, our appearance even our state of mind and we begin to lose our confidence. When I think of confidence one person pops in my mind and that's our first lady Michelle Obama, her sense of style the way she stands, her simplistic elegance quietly demands your attention, so take notes from Michelle and get your confidence back baby! take the time to put that outfit together, accessorize and make it work with what you have in the closet, because you're worth it diamonds maybe forever but a woman with confidence will be remembered for a lifetime.

Things you need to add to your confidence collection: Anything pearl, pearl necklace, pearl ring or brooch.

pearl2      pearls1 pearl ring

Do you own a certain item that gives you instant confidence? If so tell me about.


Anonymous said...

i'd be the first to admitt that my confidence is at an all time low. and its not easy to pick your self up, but the one thing that gives me that instant boost is that one great smelling fragrence. i have two that i just love and i feel special when i wear them both.

Natashia said...

@Anonymous it's not always the big things we need to change that lifts our confidence but you rare so right something as simple as our favorite perfume can make the difference.



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