Friday, September 3, 2010

Friend Friday: Copying in the Fashion Industry

real or fake


You know the drill it's Friday and Katy of Modly Chic, had me scratching my head on this weeks questions have you ever purchases or worn a knockoff item, it's ok I'm sure most of us have and for sure we've copied music or have seen a bootleg DVD. (yeah) This weeks questions are all about the knockoff and the copying of designer originals, Leave me a comment I want to hear you take on this.

1. Which side do you take… Copycat designs are a way for the average consumer to stay current and wear runway styles without breaking the bank OR Copycat designs take business from the designer and cheapen the value of their work. Explain.

I would have to say I am sort of in the middle and the reason why I say in the middle is because I think it is ok if you want to own a gown like celebrities wear on the red carpet for a very special event you may be attending and you're willing to pay a few hundred dollars for your outfit but not several thousand I feel this is ok. There are companies that have contracts to actually duplicate these gowns even moments after they are seen on the  red carpet so it seems to me this would be fine you are paying for it and it is not being worn for instance as a Chanel but was inspired by Chanel and the company that made it name is on the label  so I don't think there is anything wrong with that in this type of situation, but when you are flat out wearing an outfit as a designer and it's clearly a knockoff and a bad one at that, this to me is up to the individual I would rather wear a good non-designer garment that's well made than wearing an item that's not authentic but again it's up to the individual.

2. Sometimes we do things, even if they are unethical or illegal (downloading music for free, watching full movies on YouTube). Do you think it is unethical for a designer to copy a vintage piece, make it current and sell it?

I think it is unethical for someone to take every aspect of someone's work and pass it off as their own, reason being it took that person time and their creative abilities to create a piece of work in which they were inspired to create and for someone to come and take that it and pass it of as their own and benefit/profit from it, is unfair in my opinion. If you're inspired by someone's work at least pull from their original work and add your own creative touches to create something totally different, then you can truly say I was inspired by (_________) when I created this piece, vintage or not.

3. Would you buy an items that is a very well done copy of a runway garment if it fell within your budget?

I do not like Knockoffs period, I will save, beg, drops hints to my husband, do whatever before I buy a knockoff, because they usually look like they are knockoffs or have been knocked off of something when you inspect the quality. I feel it is a waste of money because they typically don't last long a friend of mine has a few of those knockoff designer handbags and the straps look like thin belts, they are fraying and cracking all over the place. Not Pretty.

4. According to the fashion laws, at least in the US, apparel design is seen as too utilitarian to qualify for copyright protection. Would you think this is detrimental to the industry or beneficial. (Check out this video on The Taxonomy of My Wardrobe to get a better idea of this concept:

Detrimental, no I don't feel it is simply because of a point Tom Ford bought up in the video, designers especially high end designers such as your Prada's, Donatella Versace, Michael Kors ect.. the clientele that patronize them are loyal and will always buy their brand no matter what, so they have a built in clientele market that will always support their work and purchase their product period, and these clients are who these designers cater to, the individual that is able to afford and appreciate their clothes and support their brand and this is who they target, they are not targeting that market that's quick to buy knockoffs because it looks like and original and they can afford it. Each market ,the designer market and the knockoff market both have their target audiences to support them.

5. Own up… share the things in your closet that is a knock off. You know those things you got in China Town, on the streets of New York, or where ever.

Don't own any clothing that is a knock off that I know of however ,I did have a fake Rolex years ago when in college a friend got for me in New York it lasted for about 3 months before tarnishing so bad it was pitiful. and a blue denim LV handbag it was a gift and I can't seem to part with it  for real (*side eye*)
One time when I went through my EBay phase I ordered what I thought was Be Delicious by DKNY and I paid a good price for it too, when it arrived it was in it's original box and wrapped in that clear paper as if I purchased from any cosmetics counter in the mall, so I opened what I thought was a new bottle of perfume and when I sprayed it on it leaked and ran all over the place  needless to say it was 90% water ,Yeeess! I did not know you could knockoff and copy perfume but to my surprise it can be done. So you just never know .

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TJWisdom said...

Great post. I bought a couple of knock off handbags but I will not be buying them anymore because it's nothing like the real thing. Also, it's wrong because it was not an inspiration it was a blatant copy of the original.
I am seeing some high end designers like Badgley Mischka who have high clientele at Neiman Marcus but they also are on HSN (Home Shopping Network). It's to sell to the average consumer because it's more of them then the high clientele. By having this kind of exposure they cater to everyone no matter what amount of money they have at the time.

I'm Natashia said...

Thanks,and I totally agree my motto is this by the best you can afford, and you're right a lot of designers now such as Vera Wang (Khols)Issac Mizrahi (Target)and countless others are doing lines everyone can afford so if you do a little research you can have a designer original for a fraction of the cost.

TJWisdom said...

You know Isaac Mizrahi was with Target and then went to Liz Claiborne and now he is with QVC. He has some nice things from clothes to bedroom sheets to cheesecake. A total branding of his designs for QVC.

See Isaac's collection by putting this link in your browser|N088&rewrite=no&term=isaac%20mizrahi

TJWisdom said...

Love the vibrant color of your blog.



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