Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Chilling

Hey  all, hope you had a great weekend I certainly did. I did absolutely nothing except hangout around the house with my fam, surf the web  while catching up on some of  my blog reads. The hubs and I did run out to do a little shopping however it was nothing serious,  you know run to the grocery store, stop out for a quick bite to eat and oh yeah our favorite little treat run through the drive thru at Mickey D's for a cone. Hey I love McDonalds cones and there only 150 calories  and they cost a dollar heeeeey, cant beat that with a bat. So that was the gist of my weekend. Now let me face Monday because Lord knows I don't like Mondays oh wait that was last year this year I Love Mondays .......NOT!! I 'm working on it LOL!!!!!!


                                               Jeans Venzia Lane Bryant  Jacket- Marshalls  Scarf-Ross Cami -Ashley Stewart

                                                        BTW that's our little dog Maicee making her premier in the background

                                                               Now tell me, how was your weekend exciting or relaxing?


Cilla B said...

cute ensemble Dear love the jean on jean look

Nothing Ordinary Style said...

@Cilla B, Thx love.



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