Friday, January 20, 2012

Boom Boom Pow


Hey Loves, Happy Friday yeah (confetti falling, loud applause) and I couldn't be happier. I'm ready to kick back and relax and possibly check out Red Tails at the movies with the hubs, sounds like it's going to be a great movie. Today's post was inspired by a trip we took to St. Louis a few years ago. I met this young lady (hey Tulane) she was fiercely fashionable and wearing this enormous flower pin, I'm talking huge and I Loved it! Needless to say after speaking with her (we became friends) she told me she purchased the pin months ago so there was not a pin to be had in St. Louis and boy did I look. So what's a girl to do, she makes her own. You know how it is when you see something you like , you have to have it... right? I love my pins I have them in all colors and every time I wear them I get "Where did you get those" Now let me warn you these are not for everyone but if you like over the top this Boom Boom Pow may just be for you.

                                                                      Before Pins


                                                                            After: Boom Boom Pow!

                                                                    Have a great weekend Loves!


Cilla B said...

Ohh these are definately rite down my alley :) will definately try a bigger size next time. Hope you have a f=great weekend Dear

LV said...

Love the way this makes such a statement against the black blazer.

Vale ♥ said...

The brooch surely adds something original to the outfit ! <3 Kisses

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Mrs. Chic said...

how fun!! love it :)

Nothingordinarystyle said...

@Cilla B, you like the over the top too? I love it! The bigger the better.

The Afternoon Tea said...

Flower pins is original
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JTWisdom said...

Those flower pins are the bomb, will definitely try to make some.

Have a good weekend.

Shulamit E said...

Love the new layout and the hot pink mum, very cute!

Dreek♥ said...

Omg! Love it! How can I get one?!?!?



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