Thursday, January 26, 2012

From Trash to Treasure: Thrift store makeover!


I was never one to really thrift shop until about a year ago, and now I love it, it's my new obsession. I know the thought of someone else's butt dwelling in a garment before you, can be a bit overwhelming but hey that's why we have dry cleaners right?...right!  I have found great pieces for pennies and once their laundered they look brand new. The thrill is in the hunt, going in not knowing what you're going to find, that's the exciting part. This brings me to my trash to treasure. We all know that clutches are one of the hottest trends right now and these clutches I found although cute,  had a few scars from the previous owners. I don't only look for clothing but anything that has stylish flair. Take a look at how I turned these items from ordinary to extraordinary!         


                  Bronze/leopard clutch $2.00 (GW)  Beige Mesh clutch $3.00 (GW)   Blue V shaped $3.00  (GW S.C)


                                                                   After Products found in Michaels Crafts & Dollar Tree Total cost $6.27

What's you favorite Trash to Treasure ? tell me, I'd love to know!


1 comment:

Cilla B said...

Love the way you glamed the pieces up with great elements



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