Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday: Coach, you've done it this time!


Queen Mug


  I like most ladies would consider myself a  Coach  fan I have several items and really like the vast selection of styles and accessories they continue to produce and these shoes for Spring 2011 have my heart racing I adore them. What is it that I love? the fact they they are wedges I'm crazy over a nice pair of wedges and these have me really crazy. Take a look at Maleena and Jade if you have to make one splurge this summer I would highly recommend either of these they will set off any summer outfit from a night out on the town for dinner with friends,  a great picnic or  even a evening play the possibilities are endless. What do you think about these wonderful wedges they are certainly not ordinary!

Coach Jade Wedges

             *photo above  from  the purse forum         


                                                                                                      Coach Maleena




I love those black slide on wedges! Cute! Thank you for your sweet comment! kiah

Cutelildreamer said...

I love all these wedges!! Great blog!! in fact amazing blog!!


Natashia said...

@cutelildreamer yes! these shoes are cute and thank you for your comment.

Natashia said...

@From the Rez to the City
I love them all, and your most welcome!



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