Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweet Monday?

red white and blue cheesecake a Taste of Home
      photo: Taste Of Home Magazine

Happy Monday, hope you guys had a great weekend I sure did, It was a lazy weekend with the family  relaxing,watching movies and reading, We even skipped church on yesterday just to chill out at home. Sometimes we get so busy doing things until we miss time to relax and do nothing and I must say this weekend it felt good! Now this brings me to today's post Sweet Monday, now if that's not an oxymoron (lol) for some reason Taste of Home Magazine just started sending me issues I never requested, I don't know why but they have; the issue I just received for June/July had such a beautiful picture of a fruit covered cheesecake on the front cover it awakened the Martha Stewart within me, (for real) so the hubs and I went out Saturday I picked up the ingredients a spring form pan and $41 dollars later, yeah $41 dollars later we were back home the whole time we were shopping my husband is asking "Are you sure we're going to like this?" I replied in my most confident voice "Boy, quit playing of course we are!" but in my mind I was saying please God, make this come out fine and thank God it did, Yea!! so well in fact I thought this would be something to share with you. I Got my "Paula Dean on!" yesterday and my husband was quiet glad  he had spent $41, Check out this Red White and Blue Cheesecake recipe from Taste of Home magazine (on cover) recipe details on page 29. One thing I want to say about this cheesecake it weighs about 3-4  lbs and you will have to do a extra workout after eating a piece, just thought I'd share that with you.
                                                                                           My finished product!
For this extraordinary recipe click here.  So when was the last time you got your "Paula Dean" or "Martha Stewart" on?


Juanette said...

omg that looks soooooooo yummy!

Inez of Style Chic....360 said...

oh my that looks yummy, you did great, I need to try that recipe!

honeisos said...

WHOO WHoo Yummy ! WOW that looks so good Thanks for the blog love ! Following u now xoxo !

Natashia said...

@juanette @InezofStyle @honeisos Thanks ladies, It was but you can only eat a little super rich but oh so good.

J'Anns Boutique said...

This looks amazing!!

A Girl's Next Best Friend

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Jesus, Be a fence all around me! Lawd that is looks delish!



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