Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!!!!!

Happy 4 Th of July! hope your enjoying yourselves and not eating to much yeah right ! It's official we are in the heat of summer and everyone is gearing up for cookouts and outside fun. Here are a few tips I think you may find helpful this summer.

1. Remember if outside for long periods of time please take along water to stay hydrated water and Gatorade are a must in the summer heat the last thing we want is to see you passed out by the pool (not cool) water, water, water.

2. Although yes it is summer and the vibe is a more relaxed please pull out the iron if necessary we often want to skip this in the summer because hey.. it's summer but style takes effort people so put some heat on those clothes it's all about the details.

3.When invited to a cookout or summer party even if the host insist you bring nothing, by all means do so. It's just plain good etiquette and the least you can do, you don't have to break the bank but a little something, something will not only set you apart from the other guest but let them know that you appreciate the invite.

4. The one item that you must update and revise this summer is the Sun Glasses/Shades
they must be huge, large did I say enormous, as big as you can find that fit and flatter your face
If budget conscious check out Target the have a huge selection and most of the latest trends. The big Jackie O inspired sun glasses truly one of the hottest trends this summer. Ray Bans from the 80's (vintage ) are also hot if you happened to have held on to yours lucky you, pull them out and rock them. Rain or shine don't get caught without them.

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