Monday, July 6, 2009

Color your Style

It is all about color every where you look color is all around when it comes to fashion, gone away are the bleak dark colors. We all know that the economy is in a fix and not only have we noticed but designers as well. Designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg, and Anna Sui really used color and vivid prints in their collections for spring /09. (check out there sites for ideas) Color livens the mood and brightens any wardrobe. Pick bright colors to wake up and existing suit for instance if you already own a blue or black suit punch it up by adding vivid prints or bold hues of color. Colors such as pinks, greens, fuchsia's in the form of a camisole/shell or even in your shoe selection. Choose a shoe print that's explosive in color what a way to work a basic suit. If not in the shoes try the accessories any where you can add a splash of color do it, but remember not to much. Great style is all about just the right amount. Men can punch up the color in their tie selections a nice silk tie in pink, turquoise, lavenders paired with the perfect pocket square will definitely set your style off. So remember to pick up one item that's exploding with color to add to your wardrobe and watch all the comments come your way.

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