Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Seek & you shall find! Mirrored picture frames

I am so excited to share with you these Awesome! 8x10 mirrored frames I scored   last weekend. I was being my typical self out and about Saturday just window shopping and hoping to find some major deals. I ventured into Michaels where I picked up a few things and came across these gorgeous mirrored frames. Michaels had them for $49.99 (8x10) and $59.99 (11x14). Now, this girl is all about trying to save money, however  I really wanted this frame and was talking myself into biting the bullet and just getting it 😏. When I went to check out the cashier informed me that the frames were actually 50% off but only til Sunday which I was so overjoyed to hear because this now put the frames at $25 and $30 so I decided to hit a few more shops and swing back by to purchase them. I left Michaels without the mirrored frames and headed for Target and Ross and you guys I am so glad I did! As I strolled through Ross and was about to leave what did I see on a end shelf! ..a lovely 4x6 guessed it...mirrored picture frame the Exact one I had seen earlier in Michaels, now you know my eyes almost exploded from my head! So I went down the picture frame isle hoping to find the 8x10 size and lying there on the very bottom shelf shining and sparkling just waiting for me to find them!..Yup the 8x10 Mirrored picture frames! The one Michaels wanted $49.99 for They had 2 of them left and I grabbed them both immediately and get this, are you sitting down? They were only $11.99 each! I was elated!! I was Happy! happy! Happy! And needless to say I did Not return to Michaels, so ladies always look, search and look again because you may just find the deal of your dreams if you're willing to hunt around. Let me know what you think.
  I was able to get 2 even cheaper than 1   at half price at Michaels.......yea!!!!!
                   See only $11.99!!!
    Sorry not a great photo. I ❤️ them!

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