Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday:Whoop some Ash


N mug[4]

I am so excited to tell you guys about this great product I came across via a friend and boy is it the best gift a friend could give. I don't know about you, but this girl gets ashy and this product has the cure for those ashy knees and any other body part it's 99% all natural and smells so good. The scents are so natural Whoop ash can be worn by a man or woman in fact I told my husband if he doesn't stop using my product(s) I was going to whoop his ash, lol! it's just that good. Created by Sheree Fletcher yeah, Will Smiths'  ex wife this product has taken off. Sold so far exclusively online it's makes a great gift for not only you, but for anyone on your list check out Whoop ash I know you will fall in love.

  Whoop Ash gift bag

If you've tried Whoop ash and/or thinking about trying it drop me a line I want to hear your Whoop ash story.



This almost seems like a "GAG"!! lol
The name alone is hilarious. I sho need me some whoop ash cause this momma's elbows be ASHY!! Will Smith's ex is simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing I might have to try this. Kiah

Minister of Style said...

You know I can't stop giggling about the name of this product! I need to try some of this because lately I have been so ashy it is a shame. Thanks for keeping us in the know.



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