Monday, May 17, 2010

Au Naturale

Au Naturale

African American hair that is un-processed and has no chemical agents meant to straighten the hair. The hair is in it's natural curly, or kinky state.     Source: Urban Dictionary

Ok , I’m sure you’ve all noticed the “big come back” of natural hair it’s all the rage from L.A to Miami everyone seems to be headed back to there roots (no pun intended) by letting their hair grow out naturally rid of harsh chemicals and relaxers. For years women of color have stressed their hair and scalps out trying to achieve that soft silky look naturally worn by their counter parts, but things are a changing and sistahs everywhere are throwing away the chemicals and weaves by letting their hair grow out in its natural state. Now whether you are down with the natural or love the relaxed look just do what your comfortable with, but if you decide to go natural make sure you get the proper products and care to keep you hair healthy, also research salons in your area that specialize in natural hair care. Social celebrities like Amber Rose, recording artist Lauryn Hill, Solange Knowles and many others are rocking the natural trend and doing it very well. Relaxed, weaved, locks, braids or natural  no matter what hair texture you decide to rock, when done properly it’s a beautiful thing.

Amber modelModel from web Solange Knowles    

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God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I am really feeling Solange's new style/hair! It's so refreshing!



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